Tuesday, November 26, 2013

No gloat

I feel sleepy
I should just sleep
But i feel something leap

Oh you get a grip
Hold on tight 
This is nothing
Just shut up
And move on

I am not ready to die
Give me the chance 
But me being me
Chance not fullfilled am afraid

Burden in my heart 
Weight my head
Throttle my throat


Oh this sinking feeling
 Go away
Loose my heart
Bear my head
Let me breath.

Time still move
Fast as ever
You keep there
Pounding in my head
Non stop
Aren't you tired?

As you crack
As you break
No one give a hack

Though they do somehow
Give me a bow
It just a no
Coz i am so low

I say to you
Thank you

Its just me
Being me

Monday, November 25, 2013


My heart ache.
I feel packed.
I want to beg
So i dont gag
For me being a hag.


I want this to go away,
But i know it won't
Coz the problem stay

The hate word can't stop